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 Arirang: The Korean American Journey, the Korean American Dream
USA 2002 Documentary 1:00 DVD
100 years of Korean experience in America. From 1903-06, more than 7,000 Koreans left their homeland for new lives on the sugar plantations of Hawaii. Just as they arrive, Japan conquers Korea and attempts to stamp out the Korean language and culture and reduce Koreans to second-class Japanese citizens. In America, the Koreans kept alive the idea of an independent Korea throughout Japan's half-century occupation while achieving success here.
 Baober in Love
(Lianai Zhong De Baobeir) with Zhou Xun (photo), China 2004 Drama 1:35 DVD
Baobar is a beautiful young woman, who is slowly going crazy. She is trying to cope with childhood traumas and looking for romance at the same time. She finds a video tape of a guy confessing his dreams and falls for him. She wins his love, and they move in together in an old abandoned factory building. Visually extravagant. I don't know if the film made sense because I saw it without subtitles. Zhou Xun is wonderful.
 Becoming American – The Chinese Experience
with Maya Lin (photo), Michelle Ling, Helen Zia, USA 2003 Documentary 6:06 DVD
A three-part documentary on the Chinese experience in America. In the 1840s, civil war and famine in southern China drove thousands of young men to seek their fortune in the California Gold Rush. In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the US and becoming citizens. World War II provided opportunity for Chinese-Americans. In 1965, the Immigration Reform Act repealed the exclusion laws.
 Beijing Bicycle
(Shiqi sui de dan che) with Gao Yuanyuan (photo), Zhou Xun, China & Taiwan 2001 Drama 1:53 DVD
Poignant tale of two teenagers struggling to find their place in Beijing. A country boy wants a job in the city. A city boy wants to be accepted by a girl and some boys at high school. They are unable to communicate their thoughts and emotions. Believing it's what you have that's important, rather than who you are, each boy desperately desires a bicycle to get the life he wants. Brilliant script.
 Beijing Rocks
(Bei Jing le yu lu / Bak Ging lok yue liu) with Shu Qi (photo), Hong Kong 2001 Drama 1:49 DVD
The underground lives of a rock band as they travel the backroads of contemporary China giving concerts in cities and rural towns. A love triangle develops among the band leader, his beautiful girlfriend and an American-born Chinese who joins the band. None of the characters know what to do with their lives. Shu Qi gives her character a special charm. Director Mabel Cheung made two of my favorites: City of Glass and The Soong Sisters.
 Bittersweet Roots: The Chinese in California's Heartland
USA 2002 Documentary 0:57 DVD
The story about how Chinese came from the impoverished southern provinces of China to America, which they called “Gold Mountain,” in the 1850s and thrived despite hardship and discrimination.
 Blue Kite, The
(Lan feng zheng) China 1993 Period Drama 2:18 DVD
The gradual disintegration of an entire family caused by Mao's disastrous political reformations in China during the 50s and 60s. I felt like I was a member of that family experiencing everything that happened. Tragic.
 Breaking the Silence
(Piaoliang Mama) with Gong Li, China 2000 Drama 1:31 DVD
A single mother will do anything to provide for her hearing-impaired son after her taxi driver husband divorces her. A touching story. Gong Li won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress plus Best Actress at the Montreal World Film Festival.
 Bride & Prejudice
with Aishwarya Rai (photo), India 2004 Musical Romantic Comedy 1:51 DVD
An Indian mother is eager to find suitable husbands for her four unmarried daughters. A Bollywood adaptation of Jane Austen's classic tale with romance, Jerry Lewis-type comedy, singing and dancing. The women are all too nice and beautiful for the available men. Aishwarya Rai is gorgeous. Quite entertaining.
 Bungee Jumping of Their Own
(Beonjijeompeureul hada) with Lee Eun-joo (photo), South Korea 2001 Romance 1:47 VCD
In 1983 Korea, two university students fall very deeply in love. But just before he enters the military for his two-year obligation, she suddenly disappears and he doesn't know what happened to her. Seventeen years later, he's married with a cute little daughter, working as a high school teacher, and feels strangely attracted to one of the boys in his class. Extremely romantic. “It's not because I love you. It's because all I can do is love you.”
 Charming Girl, This
(Yeoja, Jeong-hae) with Kim Ji-soo (photo), South Korea 2004 Drama 1:40 DVD
In modern South Korea, a lonely young woman trys to heal her inner wounds. A tediously slow, sensitive portrait of this wounded girl. The good: actress Kim Ji-soo is able to convey a wide range of emotions with little more than a look or a gesture and worthy of the many accolades she has received. The film has won several film festival awards. The bad: hand-held camera throughout the film plus rapid camera movement and quick cuts in portions.
 China - China in Revolution: 1911-1949
USA 1989 Documentary 2:00 DVD
Part I of an epic six-hour, award-winning documentary about China. This segment covers the fall of the last emperor in 1911. The Long March and bloody civil war between the Chinese Communist Party led by Mao Zedong and the Nationalist Party led by Chiang Kai-shek. And the “Rape of Nanking” during which Japanese troops killed an estimated 50,000 Chinese and raped tens of thousands of women. Exceptional.
 China - The Mao Years: 1949-1976
USA 1994 Documentary 2:00 DVD
Part II. China under the rule of Mao Zedong. Mao's disastrous Great Leap Forward caused the worst famine in world history killing more than 30 million people. Mao's self-serving Cultural Revolution killed or ruined the lives of even more innocent people. President Nixon's visit. When Mao died in 1976, China's economy was weak and the people were exhausted from decades of political turmoil and longed for stability. Exceptional.
 China - Born under the Red Flag: 1976-1997
USA 1997 Documentary 2:00 DVD
Part III. China's remarkable transformation from a relatively undeveloped and isolated nation into a world economic and military power under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping. This hybrid of communism and capitalism has brought unprecedented prosperity, but for many Chinese, it has also raised troubling questions of national identity and social inequality. Exceptional.
 China from the Inside
with Dai Qing, USA 2006 Documentary 4:00 DVD
A rare view inside China with commentary from the powerful and powerless, scholars and the uneducated, supporters and detractors of the government. Four episodes cover the Communist Party and problems the country faces, the status and hardships of women, the environment, freedom and justice. Even with the recent economic prosperity in China, the vast majority of people face hardships, poverty, pollution, injustice and struggle to survive. Informative.
 China 21
with Zhong Qiu (photo), USA 2001 Documentary 1:00 n/a
An examination of four ordinary families in contemporary China. Zhong Qiu, a quiet 6-year-old girl from a peasant farming village in Hunan, walks two hours each way to school. Zhang Yu, 15 from a small farm near Shanghai, hopes to attend college. Terry Han, 23, and his girlfriend Vivian Chen apply to a graduate school. Tang Enliang, 19, has been accepted into Shanghai's top law school. Very moving. I will never forget Zhong Qiu.
USA 1997 Documentary 1:00 VHS
San Francisco's Chinatown from the point of view of those who have lived their lives there. For decades, San Francisco's Chinatown was the largest community of Chinese outside Asia. It was a neighborhood forced to be independent, even isolated, from the rest of society because its residents were barred from even the basic rights of citizenship. For over 150 years, Chinatown's residents have managed to create a thriving community.
 Chinese Americans, The
with Connie Chung (photo), USA est 2002-3 Documentary approx 0:57
The life stories and personal recollections of well-known Chinese-Americans including television journalist, Connie Chung, and author, Iris Chang. Each individual explains how Chinese culture and tradition, perseverance and hard work helped them overcome prejudice and cultural barriers in order to win respect and achieve success. (For information on Iris Chang, see Nanjing Nightmares on page 5.)
 Chinese Box, The
with Gong Li (poster), USA 1996 Drama 1:39 DVD
An Englishman pursues a Chinese ex-prostitute for love and a mysterious scarred woman out of curiosity in Hong Kong during the 1997 British handover to China. The Englishman is definitely not a likeable character. Because she doesn't speak English, Gong Li communicates with her eyes and body language. In Asian Film Trailers below.
 Come See the Paradise
with Tamlyn Tomita, USA 1990 Drama 2:18 VHS
A projectionist in a theater in L.A.'s Little Tokyo falls in love with a Japanese woman in the late 1930s. They are separated when she and her family are sent off to an internment camp. One of the few American films to tell the tragic story of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. A sad story, very well made.
 Comrades–Almost a Love Story
(Tian mi mi / Tim mat mat) with Maggie Cheung (photo), Michelle Gabriel, Kristy Yeung, Hong Kong 1996 Romance 1:56 DVD
In 1986, a bumkin from mainland China comes to Hong Kong for a better life. He meets an ambitious, streetsmart young woman. They become friends, then lovers, break up; he brings his fiancée to Hong Kong; his friend finds someone else; but they still have feelings for one another. A touching story about friendship, love, missed opportunities and fate. I wanted more Thai Cabbage. The film was a huge success and won 9 awards including Best Picture and Actress at the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards.
 Dam Street
(Hong yan) with Liu Yi (photo), Wang Yizhu, China 2005 Drama 1:33 DVD
In a small town in early 1980s Sichuan, China, when a 16-year-old girl becomes pregnant, she is expelled from school and condemned by her family and community. To hide the shameful secret, her mother gives the child up for adoption. At 26, the girl meets a ten-year-old boy who is precociously interested in her. A study of the lives of working-class people in a small rural town. Involving and touching.
 Daughter from Danang
USA 2002 Documentary 1:21 n/a
In 1975, as the Vietnam War was ending, thousands of Vietnamese orphans and Amerasian children were brought to the US in “Operation Babylift.” One Amerasian girl is adopted by a middle-class white family in Tennessee. Twenty-two years later, she returns to Viet Nam to meet her birth mother and family. Her optimism about the reunion is shattered by the reality of years of separation and cultural differences. Emotionally powerful.
 Double Happiness
(Bonheur aigre-doux) with Sandra Oh, Canada 1994 Comedy Drama 1:32 DVD
Chinese-born Canadian woman in her early 20s struggles to find her own identity without disappointing or shaming her traditional family. She leads a double life. A respectful daughter living at home and suffering through arranged dates with prosperous young Chinese men. And an aspiring actress beginning a tentative romance with a white college student. An exceptional performance by Sandra Oh.
(Bi-mong) with Lee Na-Young (photo), South Korea 2008 Thriller 1:35 DVD
A stone craftsman's nightly dreams causes a young costume designer to rise from her bed and act them out while sleepwalking. His dreams become increasingly more elaborate and her experiences become increasingly more intimate and dangerous. A dream specialist proposes an unconventional solution to solve their problem. Acts one and two are fascinating and suspenseful. In act three, director Kim Ki-Duk gets too weird.
 Dynasty: The Nehru-Gandhi Story, The
UK 1997 Historical Documentary 3:00 VHS
BBC television documentary profiles three generations of India's Prime Ministers: Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter, Indira Gandhi, and her son, Rajiv Gandhi, plus Jawaharlal's father, Motilal Nehru, and Mahatma Gandhi. It also explains the complicated politics surrounding the cessation of British rule and the split between India and Pakistan. A fascinating account of Indian history from 1946 to 1991. An exceptional production.
 Elephant Walk
USA 1954 Drama 1:43 DVD
At the end of World War II, a young English woman marries a rich planter and goes to live on his tea plantation in British Ceylon. Her delight with the tropical wealth and luxury of her new home is soon tempered by a feeling of isolation being the only white woman there. Also, her husband's occasional imperious arrogance drives her toward a relationship with his overseer. Fascinating story, beautifully filmed.
 First Person Plural
with Kang Ok Jin / Deann Borshay (photo), USA & Korea 2000 Documentary 0:56 n/a
Nine-year-old Kang Ok Jin was one of 150,000 South Korean children adopted by Americans after the Korean War. She assimilated into her new white middle-class family, becoming a cheerleader, class president and homecoming queen in high school. When a young adult, she began to remember her previous life. Returning to Korea to rediscover her first family, she had to reconcile family loyalties and her two disparate cultural identities.
 Fly Me to Polaris
(Xing yuan) with Cecilia Cheung (photo), Hong Kong 1999 Romance 1:36 VCD
A touching romance between a young nurse and her blind, mute patient.
 Garden of Heaven, The
(Haneul jeongwon) with Lee Eun-joo, South Korea 2003 Romance 1:35 DVD
A beautiful young woman with incurable stomach cancer falls in love with an emotionally distant young doctor. Will he return her love before her time runs out? In the last ten years, South Korean filmmakers have made several romantic films in which the young woman dies. At least two with Lee Eun-joo. This leads me to believe that Koreans like a good cry when they go to the movies. Touching.
 Girl From Hunan, The
(Xiangnu xiaoxiao) with Na Renhua, China 1986 Period Drama 1:39 VHS
A 12-year-old girl has an arranged marriage with a 2-year-old boy in 1900s China. Four years later, she falls in love with a young man in a community where unfaithful wives are drowned. Very well made.
 Golden Child
Stage Play by David Henry Hwang with Ming-Na (photo) n/a
The dramatic story of a Chinese-American man's great-grandfather, his three wives and daughter in early 1900s China. A visiting British Christian missionary sparks a power struggle among the wives and conflicts between Western and Chinese traditions. Intriguing, entertaining and amusing.
 Good Earth, The
with Luise Rainer, USA 1937 Drama B&W 2:18 DVD
Poor Chinese farmer marries a slave girl and starts a family. They work hard but a famine forces them to abandon their land for the city to find work. His wife stays with him through hard times and helps raise the money needed to return to their farm. He becomes prosperous and gets a young woman pregnant. Then locusts come... Based on Pearl S. Buck novel. Nominated for Best Picture. Luise Rainer won the Academy Award for Best Actress.
 Green Eyes
USA 1976 Drama 1:40 VHS
Viet Nam veteran, who can't fit into civilian life and is shunned by family and friends, returns to Saigon to find the street girl and child he fathered and left behind. Extremely touching, wonderful.
 Gunga Din
USA 1939 Adventure Comedy B&W 1:57 DVD
In 19th century India, three fun loving British sergeants fight the murderous Thuggee cult. Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. have fun joking and pulling pranks on one another even when they're in trouble. The reading of Rudyard Kipling's poem at the end is extremely moving. Din! Din! Din! Though I've belted you and flayed you, By the living Gawd that made you, You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!
(Seppuku) Japan 1962 Period Drama B&W 2:15 DVD
A samurai takes his life in 17th century Japan. Initially, I was afraid to watch this. But afterward was glad I did. Fascinating.
 Hearts and Minds
USA 1974 Documentary Color/B&W 1:52 DVD
Academy Award winning documentary recounts the history and attitudes of the opposing sides of the Viet Nam War. It shows how American racism and self-righteous militarism helped start and prolong the war. It shows the basic humanity of the Vietnamese people which US propaganda tried to dismiss. Vietnamese explain how the war has affected them and why they fought the United States. Unforgettable.
(Caravan / Himalaya - l'enfance d'un chef ) with Lhakpa Tsamchoe (photo), Nepal 1999 Adventure Drama 1:49 DVD
The daily lives and traditional customs of Tibetan herdsmen living in a remote village in the Dolpo in the northwestern Himalayas of Nepal. A charismatic, but stubborn, old chief leads a caravan of yaks carrying salt across treacherous mountain passes. The scenic shots are spectacular. The characters are unforgettable. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.
 Home Song Stories, The
(Yi) with Joan Chen (photo), Irene Chen, Australia 2007 Drama 1:43 DVD
In the 70s, an emotionally unstable Hong Kong nightclub singer marries an Australian sailor and migrates with her young son and 16-year-old daughter to Melbourne and procedes to make life miserable for everyone. Surprisingly, I liked this film primarily because of the acting of Joan Chen, Irene Chen and the young boy.
 If You Are the One
(Fei cheng wu rao) with Shu Qi (photo), China 2008 Romantic Comedy 1:56 DVD
A bald, mediocre-looking, middle-aged bachelor places a personal ad on the Internet hoping to find a wife. After several unsuccessful dates, he meets a woman twenty years younger than him and so attractive, he thinks she's too good for him. She is of course, but because her married boyfriend just decided to stay with his wife, she befriends the bachelor anyway. Screenplay and direction by Feng Xiaogang. The witty dialogue is amusing.
with Linh Dan Pham, France 1992 Historical Drama 2:36 DVD
The history of French Indochina/Viet Nam from the years of French colonial imperialism to the American invasion in the 1960s told through the experiences of a French woman and her Vietnamese daughter. Told from a French perspective. Interesting, but historically inaccurate. Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.
 It Had To Be You!
(Hau bei tim sum) with Karena Lam Kar Yan (photo), Hong Kong 2005 Romance 1:33 DVD
A restaurant manager in Hong Kong loves a playboy doctor who already has a girlfriend. The restaurant's chef is the #2 boyfriend of an airhostess. These two spar, then become friends. Faye Wong sings Wo Yuan Yi. Gratefully, the director focuses on the romantic relationship and doesn't ruin the mood with slapstick comedy or violence. Karena Lam is very appealing but sometimes overdoes her cuteness. Nicola Cheung and Yan Ng are great.
 Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders
(The Haunted Monastery) with Irene Tsu, USA 1974 Mystery 1:40 n/a
In 7th century China, Judge Dee and his three wives spend the night at a taoist monastery. The judge discovers that the former abbot died of unnatural causes and investigates. A TV movie based on The Haunted Monastery written by Robert van Gulik, a scholar, linguist, calligrapher, musician, prolific lover and the Dutch ambassador to Japan. Judge Dee is based upon Di Renjie (630-700), an administrator and jurist during the T'ang Dynasty.
 Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
with Indira Varma, India 1996 Period Drama 1:54 DVD
In 16th century India, the handmaid to a princess learns the art of physical love as taught by the Kama Sutra and seduces the King who's engaged to the princess. When the princess finds out, she has a pissy fit and banishes her childhood friend and servant from the palace. Soon after, she becomes the lover and model for a handsome sculptor. A part of India's culture is just being used as an excuse to display women naked.
 Killing Fields, The
with Haing Ngor, UK 1984 War Drama 2:21 DVD
New York Times journalist and a local representative cover the tragedy and madness of the civil war in Cambodia. When the Americans leave to escape the Khmer Rouge, the American journalist can go but his partner can't. An incomprehensible tragedy. An exceptional production. Nominated for Best Picture of the year at the Academy Awards.
 King Kong
New Zealand 2005 Adventure 3:07 DVD
In 1933 New York City, an ethically and financially bankrupt movie producer goes to an uncharted island near Sumatra to make a movie. They encounter hostile natives, stampeding brontosauri and giant insects. After the camera is broken, the producer decides to bring back a 25-foot-tall gorilla. On stage, it breaks free and searches Manhattan for the film's leading lady. A $207 million remake of the classic 1933 film with spectacular visual effects.
 King of Masks
(Bian Lian) with Zhou Renying, China 1999 Period Drama 1:31 DVD
Aged street performer in 1930s China buys a child to carry on his tradition. Great story, wonderful characters.
USA 1997 Drama 2:14 DVD
The life story of the Dalai Lama begins in 1933 with the death of his predecessor and his selection as a child living in a remote area. In 1944, the Dalai Lama uses newsreels and Western magazines to study the events of World War II. After the war ends, the Communist Chinese invasion of Tibet forces him to flee to Dharmsala, India. Fascinating story, a better film than Seven Years in Tibet.
 Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India
with Gracy Singh (photo), India 2001 Musical Romance Drama 3:45 DVD
In 1893 India, a British captain challenges poor Indian farmers to a game of cricket, a game totally unknown to them. If they win, they don't have to pay an excessive land tax for three years. If they agree to play and lose, they must pay triple tax for that year, which would destroy their lives. The people are terrified, but one man thinks the risk is worth taking. Highly entertaining. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.
 Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy
UK 1985 Historical Drama 2:30 DVD
In 1946, war hero Lord Mountbatten is sent to India to oversee the transition of power after the British government grants independence to India. Shows the conflict between the Hindus and Muslims. Winston Churchill did not want England to give up India. A fascinating account of that complex situation. An exceptional production.
 Lost Horizon
USA 1937 Drama B&W 2:18 DVD
An airplane crash lands in the Himalayas. Its passengers are rescued and taken to Shangri-la, a peaceful community in a valley surrounded by mountains which protects the people there from the cold and violent world outside. One of the passengers returns to the world he came from, only to regret it later. Based on James Hilton novel. An exceptional production. Nominated for Best Picture of the year at the Academy Awards.
(Snake Lady, The) with Napakpapha Nakprasitte (Napakprapa Nakprasit) (photo), Thailand 2001 Erotic Thriller 1:46 VCD
A successful Thai businessman with an attractive wife, young son and affluent lifestyle pursues a beautiful young woman with seductive eyes who lives in the jungle with a deadly black cobra that protects her. When will men learn? This film is worth seeing just for the exceptionally gorgeous Napakpapha Nakprasitte and grossed more than 20 million baht in its first three days of release. The movie posters featuring Napakpapha Nakprasitte are absolutely breathtaking. See all of them in the photo gallery.
 Mail Order Wife
with Eugenia Yuan (photo), Deborah Teng, USA 2004 Drama 1:32 DVD
A filmmaker funds a New York City doorman's mail order bride in exchange for the right to film the experience. She's a beautiful young woman from a poor village in Burma. He's an unattractive, fat, reclusive pervert who just wants her for sex, sex videos, cooking and house cleaning. She runs away with the filmmaker who turns out to be an asshole. Intended as a mockumentary comedy, but really a tragedy. Eugenia Yuan is exceptional. In Asian Film Trailers below.
 Mai's America
with Mai Nguyen (photo), USA 2002 Documentary 1:12 VHS
Mai Nguyen, a Vietnamese girl comes to America as a high school exchange student. Anticipating Hollywood, she is assigned to live with a rural Mississippi, poor-white-trash, redneck, obese, unemployed, depressed, TV-addicted family. Mai becomes friends with a transvestite nightclub performer. After graduation Mai goes to Tulane University, runs out of money, moves to Detroit and works in a Vietnamese nail salon. Mai is a very special treasure.
 Makioka Sisters, The
(Sasame yuki) Japan 1983 Period Drama VHS
The lives of four upper-class sisters in Osaka, Japan just before World War II. It was interesting to see how they lived. Very well made.
Michelle Kwan

• 2002 Olympic Figure Skating Highlights 2002 2DVD Competition, Michelle wins the bronze medal 1:20. Exhibition 1:00.

• Fire On Ice: Champions of American Figure Skating 2001 2:00 TV Special also featuring Kristi Yamaguchi.

• Michelle Kwan: Princess on Ice 2001 1:00 TV Special.

• Michelle Kwan Skates to Disney's Greatest Hits 1999 TV Special Michelle skates to songs from Disney movies also featuring sister Karen Kwan.

• Reflections on Ice: Michelle Kwan Skates to the Music of Disney's Mulan 1998 TV Special The story of Mulan staged on ice with clips and songs from the film with Karen Kwan.

• 1998 Olympic Figure Skating Highlights 1998 2DVD Competition, Michelle wins the silver medal 1:20. Exhibition 1:20.

• Superstars on Ice 1997 0:55 VHS also featuring Chen Lu.

• Magic Memories on Ice III 1996 1:23 VHS Highlights from the 1996 United States, European and World Figure Skating Championships also featuring Chen Lu.

• World Champions on Ice II 1994 0:55 VHS Highlights from the 1994 World Figure Skating Championships with Yuka Sato.

• Disney's Greatest Hits On Ice 1994 TV Special also featuring Yuka Sato.
 Moving the Mountain
with Chai Ling, UK & Canada 1994 Documentary 1:23 DVD
The student-led pro-democracy demonstration in Tiananmen Square in 1989 as described by the student leaders. For seven weeks, a million people protested peacefully in the square. Frustrated, the government sent in army troops that brutally killed 1,000 unarmed civilians in the “Beijing Massacre” of June 4th. Student leader, Chai Ling has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Not as moving as The Gate of Heavenly Peace.
 Mr. Housewife
(Quiz King / Mister jubu quiz wang) with Shin Eun-kyung (photo), South Korea 2005 Comedy 1:47
An ambitious, career-oriented TV host is embarrassed that she has a househusband who doesn't work and stays home to cook, clean and care for their little daughter. Desperate, after losing the family savings, he participates in a television quiz show intended only for housewives. When the TV host wife learns about this, she moves out. Not enough Eun-kyung, but amusing and a touching ending.
USA 1998 Animation 1:28 DVD
Merciless Huns invade ancient China. When Mulan's elderly father is inducted into the Imperial Army, she cuts her hair, dresses as a man and takes his place. During a Hun ambush in a mountain pass, Mulan turns defeat into victory. Touching father-daughter story with humor and great songs. The title song, Mulan, was written by classical violinist, Vanessa Mae Nicholson. Mulan's speaking voice by Ming-Na; singing voice by Lea Salonga. In Asian Film Trailers below.
 Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The
with Michelle Yeoh (photo), Isabella Leong, Jessey Meng, USA 2008 Adventure 1:52
In 1946 China, a goofy English family confronts a reawakened mad-as-hell two thousand year-old Chinese emperor, his 10,000 terra-cotta soldiers, 10,000 slave skeletons, several huge Yeti, a three-headed fire-breathing dragon, a gorgeous sorceress and a beautiful assassin. They survive car chases, crash landings, booby-traps, epic battles, avalanches and find the lost city of Shangri-La in the Himalayas. The most breath-taking (and personal favorite) parts of the film are Michelle, Isabella and Jessey. Thrill-a-minute dumb fun.
 Musa, the Warrior
(Wu shi) with Zhang Ziyi, China & South Korea 2001 Historic Drama 2:38 DVD
In 1375, China was in a state of chaos because of fighting between the Yuan and Ming. A Korean delegation goes to make peace with the new Ming government but they are accused of spying and exiled to a remote desert. They escape and head home. When they meet Yuan soldiers who have kidnapped a Ming princess, they decide to rescue her. Based on a true story. Great story, interesting characters.
 My America... or Honk if You Love Buddha
USA 1996 Documentary 1:27 VHS
An often humorous examination of how Asian-Americans become “American.” Subjects include the film maker's own Japanese-American family in Chicago, Filipino-American sisters in New Orleans, Korean-American rappers in Seattle, a Chinese-American debutante ball in Orange County, and Chinese-American character actor Victor Wong who has had five children by four wives, none of them Chinese-American. Enjoyable.
 My Tutor Friend
(Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi) with Kim Ha-neul, South Korea 2003 Romantic Comedy 1:50 DVD
A young man, who should be in his second year of college, is still in high school because he just wants to goof off with his friends. His wealthy family hires a beautiful young tutor, his own age but from a poor family, to help him graduate. Of course, they don't like one another at first, but then, guess what? Amusing. Kim Ha-neul is cute and charming.
 Needing You...
(Gu nan gua nu / Goo laam gwa lui) with Sammi Cheng (photo), Hong Kong 2000 Romantic Comedy 1:41 DVD
A workaholic sales manager who's seeing a now married ex-girlfriend and sleeping with prostitutes is unexplicably drawn to his overly-emotional executive assistant, named “Kinki Kwok,” who has a compulsive cleaning disorder and a boyfriend who is cheating on her. Co-workers gossip about them. Her family is crazy. No one walks, everyone runs and acts silly. Your typical Hong Kong romantic comedy. Frantic, but enjoyable because of Sammi Cheng.
 North Korea: Beyond the DMZ
Kim Jong Il (photo), USA 2003 Documentary 0:56
This documentary makes an effort to understand North Korea, not just demonize it. Topics include the 1995-2000 famine in which two million died, the government-controlled society, loyalty to leader Kim Jong Il, the current economic and nuclear crises, huge military spending and the dangerously hostile relationship with the US. In South Korea today, the sentiment for getting the US troops out and reuniting the country is stronger than ever. No more Iraqs.
 Not One Less
(Yige dou bu neng shao) with Wei Minzhi, China 1999 Drama 1:46 DVD
A 13-year-old girl in a one-room rural village school in China is asked to take the place of her teacher when he is called away for a month. What she lacks in ability and experience, she makes up for in determination. The cast consists almost entirely of non-professional actors. Wei Minzhi is wonderful as the girl. Directed by Zhang Yimou.
(Ting che) with Kwai Lun-Mei, Lin Kai-jung (photo), Taiwan 2008 Drama 1:52 DVD
In Taipei on Mother's Day, a man makes a dinner date with his wife, hoping to bring their estranged relationship back together. On the way home, he stops to buy a cake and is endlessly delayed by encounters with a succession of local eccentrics: an old man, his blind wife, their adorable 6-year-old granddaughter, a one-handed barber, a wimpy tailor, a desperate prostitute, her cruel pimp and tattooed gangsters. Although Kwai Lun-Mei's scenes lasted only 10 minutes at the end, I am happy I saw this film. Intriguing, surprising and touching.
 Pavilion of Women
with Yi Ding, China 2001 Period Drama 1:56 DVD
In 1938 China, an American priest and a Chinese woman, who is married to a scumbag, have an affair. Based on the novel by Pearl S. Buck. In English.
 Phantom Lover, The
(Ye ban ge sheng / Yau boon goh sing) with Wu Chien-lien, Hong Kong & Singapore 1995 Dramatic Romance 1:40 DVD
In 1926 China, a popular actor has an affair with the daughter of a scheming industrialist who destroys his magnificent theater. Ten years later, a nearly bankrupt acting troupe restores the burned-out theater and finds a phantom-like recluse, who hides his disfigured face, living amongst the ruins. A Chinese interpretation of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera. The songs and music can't even begin to compare to the Andrew Lloyd Webber version.
 Precious Cargo
with Jennifer Arias (photo), USA 2001 Documentary approx.1:00 VHS
When Saigon fell in April 1975, orphanages were filled with war orphans and children of American GIs. 2,700 children were evacuated to the US and adopted by American families. Twenty-five years later, eight adoptees returned to Vietnam in search of their own history and identity. This film documents their thoughts and emotions as they visit the orphanages they came from. Jennifer Arias found her future husband in this group. Touching.
 Purple Butterfly
(Zi hudie) with Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing, China 2003 Drama 2:07 DVD
In 1930s China, just prior to World War II, a young Chinese woman is in love with a Japanese man who must return for military service. After seeing her brother killed by Japanese, she joins an underground resistance group in Shanghai. Years later, her former lover, now a secret police officer, returns to Shanghai and this group plots to assassinate him. Told through moods and emotions rather than dialogue; stylishly filmed. Absorbing.
with Machiko Kyô, Japan 1950 Drama B&W 1:28 DVD
In 11th century Japan, a nobleman and his wife are confronted by a bandit. He rapes the woman and the husband is killed. The bandit is caught and brought to trial. Because the bandit, wife, dead husband (speaking through a medium) and a witness each tell incompatible versions of what happened, there is no way of knowing the truth. A brilliant examination of how perception, memory and truth are distorted by ego and self interest. A classic.
 Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker
(Pao da shuang deng) with Ning Jing (photo), China & Hong Kong 1994 Period Drama 1:56 DVD
Itinerant painter falls in love with a beautiful 19-year-old woman, heir to a fireworks factory in a remote village on the Yellow River in 1911. The painter rejects the advances of the woman only to attach fireworks to important parts of his body and explode them in order to get her back. With predictable consequences. What was he thinking? A beautiful film about an appallingly stupid man.
 Red River Valley
with Ning Jing, China 1996 Drama 2:00 DVD
A country Han girl falls in love a Tibetan woman's son. The young couple saves two British men buried in an avalanche. One man finds the kindness, hospitality and purity of Tibetans overwhelming. The other is intent upon bringing civilization to Tibet by massacring the Tibetan people. Based on the book by British author Peter Fleming, Bayonets To Lhasa, which describes the savage British invasion of Tibet in 1904.
 Red Rose White Rose
(Hong meigui bai meigui) with Joan Chen (photo), Veronica Yip, Hong Kong & Taiwan 1994 Drama 2:03 DVD
In Shanghai during the early 1930s a man has a passionate affair with “Red Rose,” the selfish wife of his friend with whom he is living. She asks for a divorce. He runs away and later marries “White Rose,” a young woman who endeavors to be the perfect wife. He goes back to his old ways. White Rose has a breakdown, recovers, then has an affair. Then, he accidentally encounters Red Rose… Interesting story.
 Red Sorghum
(Hong gao liang) with Gong Li, China 1987 Period Drama 1:31 VCD
In 1920s China, a poor family sells their daughter in marriage to a wealthy old wine maker. Fortunately for her, he dies immediately. She takes over his business. One of the workers at the winery gets mad and pees in the wine to ruin it. But they sell it anyway. This “vintage” becomes their most popular ever. Then the Japanese invade... Amusing, disturbing, touching. Gong Li's first film. Directed by Zhang Yimou.
 Red Violin, The
(Violon rouge, Le) with Sylvia Chang, Italy & UK 1998 Mystery 2:11 DVD
In present day Montreal, a famous Nicolo Bussotti violin, known as “the red violin,” is being auctioned. During the auction, the film flashes back to the violin's creation in 17th century Italy, and then follows it to an 18th century Austrian monastery, to a concert violinist in 19th century England, and finally to China during the Cultural Revolution. (Hence, its inclusion here.) A fascinating story about how this violin affects the lives of all its owners.
 Rhapsody of Spring
(Chuntian de kuangxiang) China 1998 Drama 2:00 DVD
During the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), one of China's most revered composers, Zhao Liming, struggles with personal ambition vs. communal obligation and modern vs. traditional music. While seeking to research and archive his country's indigenous musical forms, he becomes determined to create a new form of opera which combines traditional Dogu songs with westernized orchestral arrangement.
(Yan zhi kou / Yin ji kau) with Anita Mui, Hong Kong 1987 Romance 1:36 DVD
In 1930s Hong Kong, a “flower house” prostitute falls in love with a wealthy customer. In order to be together forever, they agree to a suicide pact. Fifty years later, the prostitute's ghost returns to present-day Hong Kong looking for her lover who never arrived in the afterlife. He's got lots of explaining to do. Stylishly entertaining.
 Run Papa Run
(Yat kor ho ba ba) with René Liu (photo), Hong Kong 2008 Comedy 1:54 DVD
A lifelong triad gang leader meets a young aspiring lawyer, gets her pregnant and has to marry her. After their daughter is born, he makes a committment to become a good father... while continuing his life of crime! Directed by Sylvia Chang. Amusing and entertaining.
 Sansho, The Bailiff
(Sansho dayu) Japan 1954 Period Drama B&W 2:03 VHS
In 11th century Japan, a kindly governor is exiled. His wife is forced into prostitution. His son and daughter are sold into slavery to the tyrannical Sansho. Tragic, moving story. Beautiful B&W cinematography.
with Miiko Taka, Miyoshi Umeki, USA 1957 Drama 2:27 DVD
American servicemen stationed in Japan during the Korean War fall in love and marry Japanese nationals despite the army's official policy against interracial marriage. Based on the novel by James Michener. An excellent production. Nominated for Best Picture of the year at the Academy Awards.
 Separate Lives, Broken Dreams
USA 1993 Documentary n/a
The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 denied all Chinese US citizenship by naturalization and barred Chinese laborers and their families from entering the US. It was the first time immigration into the US was denied on the basis of race and class. The Act separated Chinese men in America from their wives and children in China for decades and remained in effect until 1965. This film explores the profound impact the Act had on so many people.
 7 Women
with Irene Tsu (photo), USA 1966 Drama 1:27 n/a
In 1935, a group of American women work as missionaries in China. A tough female doctor, who smokes, drinks and wears men's clothes, attempts to bring a little humor to the group. But then, the mission is invaded by a Mongol warrior. A good story, well made.
 Seven Years in Tibet
with Lhakpa Tsamchoe (photo), USA 1997 Drama 2:19 DVD
Based on the memoir by Heinrich Harrer, an arrogant Austrian mountain climber who leaves his wife and infant son behind to head a Himalayan expedition in 1939, only to be captured by Allied forces as a prisoner of war. He escapes, finds his way to Lhasa in Tibet and befriends the Western culture-obsessed teenage Dalai Lama. A good movie, but I couldn't take Brad Pitt seriously.
 Shall We Dance?
(Shall We Dansu?) with Tamiyo Kusakari, Japan 1995 Comedy 1:58 DVD
In a society where ballroom dancing is viewed as a frivolous activity for a respectable businessman, a middle-aged, married, up-tight accountant sees a beautiful young woman at a dance school, becomes obsessed with her and signs up for lessons. Fearing ridicule, he doesn't tell his coworkers. Fearing worse, he doesn't tell his wife. She begins to suspect that he's being unfaithful and hires a private investigator to follow him. Very amusing.
 Siao Yu
(Shao nu xiao yu) with René Liu, Taiwan 1995 Drama 1:44 DVD
A young woman emigrates from China to New York City to be with her boyfriend. In order to get her American citizenship, she pays an unemployed, sixty-year-old, radical right wing journalist with a gambling problem to marry her. But she still lives with her boyfriend. When immigration officers come, she moves into her husband's apartment to convince them the marriage is real. But unfortunately, the husband's long gone wife also comes to stay.
 Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women
USA 1999 Documentary 1:28 VHS
During World War II, sexual slavery was conducted on a massive scale by the Japanese Imperial Army. About 200,000 young women between the ages of 14 and 30 were abducted from their homes in Korea, shipped to far-off countries and raped by as many as 40 soldiers every day. Many died from disease, torture or suicide. After the war, the Japanese government destroyed documents that proved their guilt and has since denied everything.
 Sleeping Dictionary, The
with Jessica Alba (photo), USA 2003 Romance 1:49 DVD
In 1936, a young and naive, but eager Englishman arrives in Sarawak to join the British colonial government which governs the Iban society. A beautiful Indonesian girl is assigned to be his “sleeping dictionary,” to live and sleep with him in order to teach him the language and habits of the locals. The two fall in love, a romance forbidden by both their societies.
 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring
(Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom) with Ha Yeo-jin, South Korea 2003 Drama 1:43 DVD
A young boy lives in a small floating temple on a beautiful, isolated lake with an elderly monk who teaches him the ways of the Buddha. When the boy becomes a young man, he has sex with a girl who has come to the temple to be healed by the master. Afterward, he runs away to the outside world but his lust makes him miserable. Years later, now a middle aged man, he returns to the lake temple to find spiritual enlightenment. Beautiful.
 Story of India, The
UK 2007 Documentary 6:00 DVD
In six one-hour episodes, historian Michael Wood recounts the 10,000-year history of the world's oldest and most diverse civilization. Beginning with the first human migrations out of Africa, and continuing with the invasions of Alexander the Great, the Mughals and the British. Highlights include the Buddha, Islam, Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal, Gandhi, partition and independence. This pro-British history is interesting, if you can forgive the bias and oversights.
 Story of Qiu Ju, The
(Qiu Ju da guan si) with Gong Li (photo), China 1992 Drama 1:40 DVD
A rural village woman's unrelenting quest for justice. A satire on the Chinese legal system. Interesting, but sometimes tedious. Gong Li won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress and the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival. Directed by Zhang Yimou.
 Story of Xinghua, The
(Xinghua san yue tian) with Jiang Wenli, China 1993 Drama 1:28 LD & VHS
In Northern China, Xinghua lives with her husband who makes money selling stones from the Great Wall. He mistreats her because she hasn't given him a son to inherit this wealth. When her husband plans to tear down the local historic fortress to find a legendary hidden treasure, she is drawn to a gentle, educated man who wants to preserve it. Interesting story.
 Take Care of My Cat
(Goyangileul butaghae) with Lee Yo-won, South Korea 2001 Drama 1:52 DVD
Five girls from Inchon, Korea, remain close friends while struggling to make a life for themselves after high school. While one dreams of becoming a career woman, one wants to become a poet and one aspires to study textile design abroad, they take turns caring for a kitten. With Lee Yo-won, Ok Ji-young, Bae Doo-na, Lee Eun-joo and Lee Eun-shil. Realistic and entertaining.
 Tanamera - Lion of Singapore
with Khym Lam, UK & Australia 1988 Period Drama 7:00 n/a
The intertwined lives of two families, one Chinese, one British, in Singapore from 1935 to 1948. The romantic relationship was good, the rest, tedious.
 Tears of Silence
Documentary n/a

Former prisoner of conscience, Chuye Kunsang (photo)
For over 50 years, Tibetans have suffered intense political and religious oppression by their Chinese conquerors. Buddhist nuns, as young as 15, have been sentenced to Drapchi Prison for as long as 21 years solely for the peaceful expression of their desire for freedom. In prison, nuns are severely beaten, tortured with electric batons, raped and degraded. Five nuns, in their 20s, committed suicide together after being tortured. Survivors tell their stories.
(Bin-jip) South Korea 2004 Romance 1:28 DVD
It's hard to tell if the world we live in is either reality or a dream. A transient young man breaks into temporarily uninhabited homes to live while their owners are away. He does their laundry, fixes things that are broken, but never damages or steals anything. In one affluent home, he meets a woman in an unhappy, abusive marriage. She runs away and lives with him. In one home after another. Directed by Kim Ki-duk. Unconventional, but terrific. In Asian Film Trailers below.
 Tomorrow Never Dies
with Michelle Yeoh (photo), UK & USA 1997 Action Thriller 1:59 DVD
A powerful megalomaniac media mogul intends to start a war between England and China to promote his news business. (Just like William Randolph Hearst and the Spanish-American War of 1898.) England sends James Bond to investigate. China sends the stunning Wai Lin. He doesn't want to work with her but changes his mind when he realizes that she can kick ass too. Michelle Yeoh is breath-taking. My favorite “Bond. James Bond.” film.
 Transporter, The
(Transporteur, Le) with Shu Qi (photo), France 2002 Action 1:32 DVD
An ex-special forces soldier now lives in a villa on the French Mediterranean and has a lucrative business as an underworld “transporter” for hire. He will deliver anything anywhere, no questions asked. His 3 rules: never change the agreement, no names, never open the package. Well, he opens the package, finds Shu Qi inside, and all hell breaks loose. The fight scenes are exciting except for the interminable ending. Shu Qi is gorgeous. In Asian Film Trailers below.
 Travellers & Magicians
with Sonam Lhamo (photo), Bhutan 2003 Drama 1:48 DVD
A college-educated government official in a small village in Bhutan thinks he would be happier living in America, so he sets off to get his visa. Along the way he meets a monk who tells him a fable to make him reconsider his decision. He is also joined by a papermaker and his beautiful young daughter who plan to live in the village the official is just leaving. Sonam Lhamo is even more breath-taking than the scenery. What he will decide? Delightful. In Asian Film Trailers below.
 Twenty-Four Eyes
(Nijushi no hitomi) with Hideko Takamine, Japan 1953 Period Drama B&W 1:56 / 2:35 VHS
A very touching story about a schoolteacher and her first twelve students in a small inland sea village from 1927 through 1948. After the war, the teacher and her surviving students reminisce about her husband and the students who died in the war. I saw this film many years ago and never forgot it.
 Ugly American, The
with Reiko Sato, USA 1963 Drama 2:00 DVD
In a southeast Asian country (Viet Nam is implied) civil war is about to erupt. The American ambassador, trapped in Cold War ideology, believes the local anti-American sentiment is just a preference for a communist government, rather than for self-determination and nationalism. Tragically, this was the US government's policy in Viet Nam throughout the war; they never understood. Great story.
 Viva Erotica
(Se qing nan nu) with Shu Qi (photo), Hong Kong 1996 Erotic Comedy 1:39 DVD
After a string of flops, a down-on-his-luck Hong Kong movie director, is pressured into making a pornographic flick by his producer and the local triad film boss. An arty and entertaining sex movie with a message: porn filmmakers are people too. Ultimately charming. Shu Qi won Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer at the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 33rd Golden Horse Awards. She deserved them.
 Web of Deception
(Betrayal / Jing hun ji) with Joey Wong, Elizabeth Lee, Hong Kong 1989 Thriller DVD
A domineering businesswoman is being blackmailed by her most trusted secretary. The businesswoman gets the money and hides it in her house. The secretary's ultra-sweet roommate comes to the house to steal the blackmail money to give to her very bad twin sister so she can pay off evil debt-collecting triads. There's an accidental murder, attempted cover-ups, duplicity and double-crossing. An involving, suspenseful and enjoyable B-movie.
 When Ruo Ma Was Seventeen
(Ruoma de shi sui) with Min Li (photo), China 2002 Drama 1:28 DVD
In China's Yunnan Province, a 17-year old Hani girl walks to the local town to sell roast corn. There she meets an unsuccessful young photographer from the city who uses her beauty and native costumes to sell photos of her with tourists. She starts to fall for him, but he has a girlfriend from the city who has been supporting him. Min Li is charming and the scenery is beautiful.
 Wooden Man's Bride, The
(Wu kui) with Wang Lan, Taiwan 1994 Drama 1:54 DVD
In northwest China in the 1920s, a groom rescues his bride-to-be from bandits, but dies before the wedding. To honor her son's memory, his mother forces the young bride to marry a wooden effigy of her dead son. The girl seeks comfort in the arms of a household servant. But her mother-in-law catches them and breaks the girl's ankles crippling her to prevent her from dishonoring her son's memory again. Beautiful to look at, but a sad story.
 World of Suzie Wong, The
with Nancy Kwan (photo), USA 1960 Romance 2:09 DVD
American architect tired of working in an office moves to a cheap hotel in Hong Kong to try his hand at painting. He hires a beautiful young Chinese prostitute to model for him. He falls in love with her but has a dilemma. Because he's on a limited budget, he can't afford her exclusively, but he also doesn't want to “share” her. Eventually he decides she's worth it and gets her fulltime, but with tragic consequences. Interesting story.
 World without Thieves, A
(Tian xia wu zei) with René Liu, Li Bingbing, China & Hong Kong 2004 Drama 1:40 DVD
Two professional thieves and partners in love become conscience stricken when they meet a naive young carpenter carrying his life's savings aboard a train home to get married. He believes these two swindlers are his friends. Also on board is another gang of thieves. When the woman decides to protect the young man from all thieves, her boyfriend doesn't know what to do. René Liu is wonderful. Ge You is enjoyably slimy. Li Bingbing is sexy.
 Year of Living Dangerously, The
Australia & USA 1982 Drama 1:54 DVD
As all of Jakarta sinks into chaos during the 1965 coup against President Sukarno in Indonesia, an Australian wire-service reporter pursues a romance with a British attaché. Interesting time in history. Interesting story. Interesting characters. An exceptionally good American movie. Unforgettable, Academy Award winning performance by Linda Hunt.
 Yi Yi
(A One and a Two) with Kelly Lee, Taiwan 2000 Drama 2:53 DVD
The experiences of several members of a large family in present-day Taiwan. It made me feel like I was actually there, watching the experiences of real people. I enjoyed every minute.
 Young & Restless in China
with Miranda Hong & Yang Haiyan (photos), USA 2008 Documentary 1:47 DVD
Over a four year period, nine young Chinese struggle to find their place in a rapidly changing country. Miranda Hong, marketing executive, says her generation is confused because they were told the West was a debauched, depraved society but to emulate it for making money. Yang Haiyan had to leave school and go to work in Guilin because her family had only enough money for her brother's education. The first of a five-part series that will follow these nine people over the next 20 years. Narrated by Ming-Na. Interesting.
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