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Experience & Testimonials

• 14 years full-time teaching Mandarin Chinese to adult foreigners at Taipei Language Institute, Taiwan
• 1 year (simultaneously with above) Mandarin Chinese teacher at Morrison Academy, Taiwan
• 1 year Principal of Taipei Language Institute, Taiwan
• 4 years Founder and Principal of Tai-Chung Language Center, Taiwan
• 6 years Mandarin Chinese teacher at Chinese School, Irvine, California
• 4 years Principal and Mandarin Chinese teacher at Chinese School, Irvine, California
• 10 years (simultaneously with above) Mandarin Chinese teacher at Learning Tree University, Irvine, CA

Testimonials from Grace's Learning Tree Students
• “Grace is a wonderful teacher. The best language instructor I have had.”
• “Fun learning! No pressure to be perfect, just try hard. Great class! Would like to have (additional) classes that go further.”
• “Grace created a productive yet comfortable, friendly and relaxed environment. Her methods are very effective and it is a pleasure to attend her class. She should be given a raise in salary.”
• “(Grace) is an excellent teacher. The couse was well organized, fast paced and fun. (Grace) developed a supportive atmosphere in which we could all make mistakes in pronunciation, grammer and syntax and feel comfortable about making idiots out of ourselves. I have never laughed so much in a classroom. And I learned a lot.”
• “I liked the course very much and the teacher was very helpful too. She is a very nice and excellent teacher.”
• “(Grace) is excellent at her skill. It's frightening to jump into a foreign language. She made it something I could conquer. I loved her style.”
• “I loved this class more than any of the other six language classes I have taken. Grace got me so excited about learning Mandarin, I want to continue.”

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 Grace Chinese Language Tutoring 17595 Harvard, C200, Irvine CA 92614
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