Interactive Online Clothing Store

The is the “Store.” The navigation is invisible so a shopper's attention is focused on the clothes.

Customers quickly see what clothes are available, then select the styles and colors they want. With just one click they can change the type of clothing... or change the style... or change the color. Sound too good to be true? Just watch...

You would never guess that, on this page there are 36 clickable links to other clothes and pages on the site, but you don't see them... (until you want to). The site has a very clean, simple, uncluttered layout, is highly interactive, fun to explore, and extremely easy to use.

In the upper left hand corner by mousing over and then clicking on the red buttons, you see and then select the clothing categories: Tops, Pants, Skirts, Jackets, Shoes, Accessories, Mix & Match or Specials. After you select a category, you see a model wearing an outfit from that category just to the right of these red buttons.

You can also directly select a featured item from the categories displayed on the right. When you click on a featured item, you see a model wearing that outfit just to the left.
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