Event Name

Month # - #, Year
Club Name, City, State

Please enter me/us in the events indicated. Enclosed is the sum of $_______ for entry fees.
Make check payable to (organization) and mail to: (address).

Name__________________________________ Age______ Phone______________


City______________________________ State__________ Zip________________

Partner Name___________________________ Age______ Phone______________

Partner Address_______________________________________________________

City______________________________ State__________ Zip________________

Open[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
A[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
B[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
C[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
35+[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
40+A[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
40+B[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
50+A[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
50+B[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
60+[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
Women's[ ] Singles[ ] Doubles
Junior Singles[ ] Girls[ ] Boys
Dinner Only[ ] for 1[ ] for 2

Waiver: Acceptance of this entry releases the (athletic club), (handball organization), their agents and successors from any liability for injuries that I (we) may incur during said tournament.

Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Partner: _________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Instructions: Please print this form, fill it out, and mail it along with all entry fees. To print this page on a single sheet of paper, reduce the size to 70%.

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