SCHA Handball Hall of Fame

1983 - 1999

Members are inducted at the annual Hall of Fame Banquet
held at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

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In 1999, three players were inducted into the SCHA Handball Hall of Fame: Jim Barnett, Lew Morales and Chuck Schildmeyer.


In 1998, four players were inducted into the SCHA Handball Hall of Fame: (left to right) Morrie Singer, John Blair, Ted Topoleski and Matt Kelly.

Members of the SCHA Handball Hall of Fame attending the 1998 banquet were (back row) Dell Mora, Gabe Enriquez, Morrie Singer, Byron Ishkanian, Arnold Aguilar, Naty Alvarado, John Blair, Skip McDowell, Leonard Rosen, (front row) Irv Simon, Tony Huante, Jerry Goldstein, Joe Shane, Matt Kelly, Stuffy Singer and Ted Topoleski.


In 1997, eleven players and contributors were inducted into the SCHA Handball Hall of Fame.
Richard "Duke" Llewellyn, longtime athletic director for the LAAC, was honored for his contributions to the game. Ben Agajanian, former NFL place kicker and coach, opened the Long Beach Athletic Club in 1972 and made it the place to play. Rod Rodriguez, LAAC handball commissioner for two decades, credited for the architectural design and consistency of court sizes throughout the nation.
Al Gracio, Rod Rodriguez Al Gracio
Al Gracio, who directed more tournaments than anyone else in Southern California, was honored posthumously. His children Diane (Gracio) Del Prete and Steven Gracio accepted the award on his behalf. Vito Maggipinto is generally considered one of the best firemen to have played the game at the national level.
Vito Maggipinto Tom Rohrback
Tom Rohrback has won nine National USHA Masters titles leaving him just one short of induction into the National Grand Masters Hall of Fame. Don Chamberlin has won 13 national titles and is already a member of USHA's Grand Masters Hall of Fame. He has won more than 100 singles and doubles tournaments in his career. Harold Price, holder of numerous local, state and regional singles championships, beat Pat Kirby in the Nationals and Stuffy Singer in the 1965 Western Regional Singles.
Harold Price Leonard Rosen, John Bart
Leonard Rosen has won the Southern California Open Singles twice and local Masters tournaments many times. He placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the National Masters Singles. John Bart teamed with Dave Graybill, Matt Kelly, Mel Sandland and Dave Lynch to win four Regional Doubles titles. He won the Canadian Open with Kelly and was runner-up in the 1976 National Open Singles. Dick Weisman has three USHA National Open Doubles Championships and one World Masters Doubles title among a multitude of Southern California wins in singles and doubles.
John Bart, Stuffy Singer Dick Weisman, Stuffy Singer


In 1996, four players were inducted into the SCHA Handball Hall of Fame. Larry August gave a moving recollection of he and his brother, Steve August, playing handball in the 60's under the tutelage of their father. Byron Ishkanian thanked Dell Mora for representing the community of Santa Barbara so well on both local and national levels. The presentation for Stuffy Singer was handled eloquently his teacher, Pete Tyson. Skip McDowell was inducted by Jim Ryan who had teamed with Skip to win many national titles. Stuffy accepted on behalf of Jimmy Jacobs.


In 1995, the SCHA Board of Directors brought the Hall of Fame Banquet to the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Three players were inducted into the SCHA Handball Hall of Fame: Tom Fitzwater, Ben Glenner and Jerry Goldstein.

Members of the
SCHA Handball Hall of Fame

1983 Alex Boisseree.....Frank Coyle.....Joe Galante.....Byron Ishkanian.....Ed Kelly.....George Poloynis
1984 Henry Burke.....Bill Feivou.....Joe Goldsmith.....Marty Singer
1985 George Brotemarkle.....John Gonzales.....Earl Russell.....Joe Shane
1986 Nacho Brocamontes.....Joe Kaloustian.....Irv Simon
1987 Bill Badham
1988 Arnold Aguilar.....Gabe Enriquez
1989 Tony Chavez.....Mike Chitjian
1990 Tony Huante.....Luis Marquez
1992 Naty Alvarado.....Fred Chapman
1995 Tom Fitzwater.....Ben Glenner.....Jerry Goldstein
1996 Steve August.....Jimmy Jacobs.....Skip McDowell.....Dell Mora.....Stuffy Singer
1997 Ben Agajanian.....John Bart.....Don Chamberlin.....Al Gracio.....Duke Llewellyn.....Vito Maggipinto
         Harold Price.....Rod Rodriguez.....Tom Rohrback.....Leonard Rosen.....Dick Weisman
1998 John Blair.....Matt Kelly.....Morrie Singer.....Ted Topoleski

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