48th USHA National Four-Wall Championships

June 28 - July 4, 1998
Los Caballeros & Spectrum Club, Orange County, California
Entry Deadline is June 8

Entry Fee: $87 (deduct $5 if paid by May 15) per player for first event in amateur divisions, $35 for Junior events, and $100 for pro singles and eligibility for cash awards. Second event is $25 additional. Events may be combined if less than 8 entries. You may enter a maximum of two events. Doubles entries must include both players' names and fees, one player's name or fee will not be enough to be included in the draw.

Deadline: Entry must be in USHA possession no later than Monday, June 8. Entries over the phone will be accepted until Wednesday, June 10 only with an additional $25 ($15 late fee plus $10 enter-by-phone-charge). Mailed entries not received by June 8 will be returned unopened.

Starting Times: Available Tuesday, June 10. Call the USHA at 520-795-0434. Most singles events will start June 28.

Amenities: The entry fee entitles each player to:

Awards: First four places in all championship events. First two places in all consolation events. There will be a minimum of $40,000 in cash awards to be dispersed to pro entrants in Pro Singles and Doubles.

Eligibility: All entrants must be a current USHA member and meet appropriate age requirements. Masters players must meet age requirement in this calendar year. Juniors must meet age requirement by conclusion of event. Be prepared to present proof of age and USHA membership card at registration. See Eligibility Rules for B and C entrants. Eye protection is mandatory.

Refereeing: All losers through the quarterfinal round must referee the following match on the same court. Qualified replacements may be used, but assignment remains the loser's responsibility. Paid referees will be assigned from the quarterfinals through the finals of each event.

Official Ball: Spalding Red Ace for all male events, except 11, 13, and 15-and-under. White Ace for all women's events, 11, 13, and 15-and-under Boys' Junior events.

Instructions: Please print the linked entry form, fill it out, and mail it to the USHA along with all entry fees. Or enter by phone (520-795-0434) with Visa/MC for just $10 more. To print this page on a single sheet of paper, reduce the size to 80%.

Entry Form