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Junior 3-Wall Nationals

The deadline for entry into the Junior 3-Wall Nationals to be held Saturday and Sunday, July 22-23, is Monday, July 19. It is time to make plans to head to Venice Beach. The location is ideal, the price is right, and the competition should be outstanding. In addition to the tournament, more footage will be shot for the upcoming documentary on handball. Call Cyndi at 310-399-2775 for more information.



As most handball players are aware, the new batch of handballs are on the market. The first run proved to be a little too lively; but the next generation is closer to the older version.

You can purchase handballs directly from the USHA, but asking your local sporting goods store to stock them would add convenience for all players. The SCHA currently has a supply of handballs. Rick Herrera is selling them in the San Fernando Valley area. Gary Cruz is selling them in Orange County.

One way to keep the cost of handballs down is for the SCHA to order them four cases at a time. The cost per case is $150 plus shipping. That makes the per can cost under $6. The only way we can purchase this amount of cases is to have distributors in a variety of areas. If your club does not sell handballs or if you are experiencing a per can cost of over $7, this could be the solution. Contact the SCHA at 949-722-1727 if you are interested in purchasing a case.

To purchase handballs from the USHA call 1-800-289-8742

John Libby Jr. Captures SCHA Regional Open Singles Title

25 May 2000   We had a open singles final that was out of sight. Miles Paine vs. John Libby Jr. Miles won game one 21-5. He was losing 1-10 in game two but came back to tie it up and, after a bit of a stare down, he went ahead 13-10. The game moved on to 16-16 when the rallies became extended and retrieves were unbelievable with both players diving for balls and scrambling up to keep the ball in play. The floor and the walls were shaking. With the stands full and everyone cheering for either Miles or John or both, the game was knotted at 20. At this point Miles was both tired and hurt. He lost 21-20.

The tiebreaker started with Miles taking the lead but after several time-outs he could go on no longer. He was cramping badly. After it was over, Miles collapsed. Several of the players tried to massage his legs but he was losing it. We called 911. After about 3 hours in ER, he was released. He played too much, too hard and didn't drink enough fluids. But the final match was a fitting end to an exciting weekend of handball at Los Caballeros.   by Gary Cruz

John Libby Jr & Miles Paine

Southern California Regional Championships May 2000, Los Caballeros, Fountain Valley
Open Singles John Libby Jr > Miles Paine (5), 20, injury forfeit
Open Doubles Al Alvarez/Carlos Chavez > Miles Paine/Jim Bardwell 12, 12
A Singles Oscar Quesada > James Coronado 11, 15
B Singles Juan Castro > Edwin Gomez 5, 3
C Singles Charles Kim > Doug Hulett 13, 2
40+ Doubles Doug Glatt/Jesse Pasos > Vern Roberts/Jim Peixoto 10, 8
45+ Doubles Don Chamberlin/Kelly Russell > Dan Brennan/ Greg Sizemore (12), 11 1
50+ Doubles Steve Housman/Jim Barnett > Nat Bethers/Alan Swickard 5 17
60+ Doubles Rich Robitaille/John Loretz > John Nottingham/Marvin Braverman 9, (13), 1
Juniors Fernando Mendoza 1st Place; Ray Cota 2nd Place
Pro Stop
Round of 16:
David Chapman, St. Louis > Dan Armijo, Albuquerque 10, 9
Naty Alvarado Jr, Hesperia > James Komsthoeft, San Francisco 11, 3
Tyler Hamel, Houston > Matt Hiber, Minneapolis 16, 19
John Bike Jr, Hesperia > Marcos Chavez, Buena Park 11, (19), 6
David Silveyra, Commerce > Chris Rusing, Seattle 15, (15), 2
Tommy Little III, Mound City, Kansas > Norm Dunne, San Jose 19 (20), 9
Danny Bell, Quebec > Tati Silveyra, Oxnard (17), 17, 4
Vince Munoz, Whittier > Anton Wilson, Fresno 12, 4
Chapman > Alvarado 15, 17
Bike > Hamel 10, 15
D. Silveyra > Little 18, 4
Munoz > Bell 12, 16
Chapman > Bike 16, 6
D. Silveyra > Munoz 13, (10), 10
Final: Chapman > D. Silveyra 5, 4
Third Place: Munoz > Bike, 4, 6

SCHA Hall of Fame Generation Doubles May 99, Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles
Power Naty Alvarado Jr/Mark Shelgren > Randy Morones/Mike Kogan 11, 15
15-40 Carlos Chavez/Stephanie Lowe > Jose Munoz/Sal Chavez Sr 14, 12
30-50#1 Doug Glatt/Jerry Goldstein > Dave Morones/Red Gastelleum 14, 16
30-50#2 Art Alvarez/Tony Sokolowski > Garrett Lew/George DeVries 20, 20
40-60#1 Jesse Pasos/Lew Morales > Bruce Hanief/Bob Harris 11, (9) 8
40-60#2 Paul Hendrix/Homer Hendrix > Jose Ortega/Joe Orr 2, 12

Naty Alvarado Jr & Mark Shelgren

Jerry Goldstein & Doug Glatt

Art Alvarez & Tony Sokolowski

Jesse Pasos & Lew Morales

Paul Hendrix & Homer Hendrix

Big Ball Doubles May 99, Venice Beach Recreation Center, Venice Beach
Open Goyo Tellez/Jesus Garcia 1st Place; Freddy Reyes/Angel Morro 2nd; Jose Hernandez/Miguel Casillas 3rd
B Roy Lopez/Huero Sanchez 1st Place; Johnny Ayala/Johnny Ayala Jr 2nd; Manuel Guerrero/Carlos Silva 3rd
40+ Art Sanchez/Paulino King 1st Place; Arturo Tarango/Ray Leoni 2nd; Rich McCauley/Dan Peterson 3rd

Goyo Tellez

Southern California Singles Championship May 99, Spectrum Club, Canoga Park
Open Doug Glatt > Marcos Chavez 19, 14
B Rick Herrera > Shai Sobol 10, (5), 10
C Gloria Chavez > Ozzie Chavez
40+A Bob Mathews > Jesse Pasos
40+B Don Roby > Geoff Dolan 16, 15
50+ Jack Hulick > Steve Housman 16, 9
60+A Ron Almadova > Mike Miller 15, 16
60+B Doug Hulett > John Merrill 11, 6
70+ Tom McKnight > Marv Gurian 4, 0

Rick Herrera & Shai Sobol

Craig Carter & Stephanie Lowe

Bob Mathews & Jesse Pasos

Geoff Dolan & Don Roby

Ozzie Chavez & Gloria Chavez

Jack Hulick & Steve Housman

Mike Miller & Ron Almadova

Doug Hulett

Tom McKnight, Dick Cias & Marv Gurian
Roadrunner Doubles April 99, Pinnacle Athletic Club, Palm Desert
A Tom Martinez/Eddie Silveyra 1st Place; Rex Vilaubi/Manuel Resendez 2nd Place; Art Mendoza/Geno Beltran 3rd Place
B Pete Davis/Steve Lurvey > Octavio Martinez/Tim Martinez 16, 5
C Jerry Cronin/Tim Cronin 1st Place
50+ Jack Hulick/Tony Burrell > Bruce Handleman/Bob Harris 18, 2
60+ Joe McDonald/Mike Dunne > Al Almadova/Tom Krucker 17, 13
70+ Tom McKnight/Mike Rauseo 1st Place; Bob Nedd/George Harder 2nd Place

Tom Martinez & Eddie Silveyra

Art Mendoza & Rex Vilaubi

Jerry Cronin & Tim Cronin

Jack Hulick & Tony Burrell

Mike Dunne & Joe McDonald

Tom McKnight & Mike Rauseo

Centennial Invitational March 99, Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles
Invitational Mark Zamora/Jared Sloan > Ruben Ramirez/Dick Guesswein
Consolation Greg Sizemore/Manuel Resendez > Art Alvarez /Tony Sokolowski
In-House Joe Arias/Gia Arias > John Cannella/ Peter Tassopulos
Consolation Bob Lever/Shimon Brand > Sid Franklin/Gabe Enriquez

Mark Zamora & Jared Sloan

Tony Sokolowski, Rex Vilaubi & Rand Marco

Nacho Bracamontes Doubles February 99, Frogs, San Diego
Open Doug Glatt/Mark Zamora > Marcos Chavez/Carlos Chavez 11,19
A Willie Baltazar/Daryl Baltazar > Scott Brotzman/Ron Hall (9), 18, 10
B Sal Duenas Jr/Ozzie Chavez > Don Weir/Lane Rider 6, (14), 1
50+A Rob Nichols/Ted Dehesa > Don Phillips/Dan Heman 14, 15
50+B Burt Repine/Dave Hoffman > Rich Wheelock/Bill Trimble (20), 12, 9
70+ Al Walloch/Paul Zamora 1st Place; Roy/Bower/Doug Hulett 2nd Place

Marcos Chavez, Kelly Russell & Carlos Chavez

Tati Silveyra at his graduation from the LA City Fire Academy

Joe Goldsmith, 1905-1999

Joe Goldsmith died of natural causes at the age of 94.

Back in 1940 and again in 1942, Joe and partner Joe Gordon earned the National Amateur Athletic Union doubles championship, representing the old Pacific Coast Club in Long Beach. "He was a demon on the handball court," Joe Goldsmith's nephew, Joel Soffer, said.

Joe defended his handball title at the Pacific Coast Club for more than 25 years, and at the Harbor area YMCA for 30 consecutive years. He was inducted into the Long Beach Sports Hall of Fame and the Southern California Handball Association Hall of Fame.

"He took a 'no prisoners' attitude, which make him a champion," Soffer said. Soffer recounted a time when Apollo I astronauts working at Rockwell visited his restaurant, Savitz' Just Good Food. The men wanted to meet his uncle because handball is a sport of choice for the astronauts. Soffer said his uncle told the men, "I've heard a lot about you guys," and the astronauts replied, "We've heard a lot about you."

Joe is survived by his sister, Paula Goldsmith; adopted daughter, Jane Perry, and her husband Bill; nephews and nieces Joel and Jessica Soffer and Martin and Brita Goldsmith and friend Edna Stang. From the Long Beach Press-Telegram, May 13, 1999, by Kim Phillips

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