Handball Round Robin Tournaments

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Here are two Round Robin Doubles Tournaments you can run yourself at your club in two hours with only 2 or 3 courts. Two courts are required for 8 players, three courts for 12 players. The idea is to mix up the team combinations so players play with different partners against different teams each game. Four 25-minute games in two hours with 5-minute breaks between games.

So players don't have to wait to play because other players haven't finished their games, each game should be limited to 25 minutes even if the game hasn't finished and regardless of the score. The concept is that every team has the same 25 minutes to score as many points as possible.

Here's how to run the tournament using the drawsheets shown below. At the top of the four right-hand columns fill in the times of the games. They should be 1/2 hour apart. In the gray areas fill in the court numbers. Under "Players" fill in the names of the players in order of ability with the best first. The teams are then handicapped automatically. In the four right-hand columns under "Game" fill in the names of the players, four times each, to the right of their matching numbers. This form then allows each player to see for himself which court he is supposed to go to, at what time, and who he is to play with and against.

When the game is over fill in the scores next to the teams in the four "Game" columns. Divide the team scores in half and put them opposite each Player's name in the "Scores" column. When all four games are completed total the four scores and write the sum in the "Results" column. The Player with the highest score here wins.

If for example in the first game on the 8-Player Drawsheet, Players #1 and #8 beat Players #2 and #5, 21-16, enter 10.5 next to Players #1 and #8 in the "Scores 1" column and 8 next to Players #2 and #5.

Click on the image below to display the actual form. Print it at 48% landscape orientation.


This is a Singles version for 6 players using 3 courts.

1st, write in the names of the players in the "Players" column. 2nd, write in the names of the players (next to the same numbers as in the "Players" column) in the 5 "Game" columns at the right. 3rd, write in the court assignments. 4th, limit each game to 11 points or fifteen minutes with a maximum break of five minutes in between. After each game, write in the scores in the "Scores" column next to the player's name. After 5 games, total the scores in the "Results" column to determine the winner.

Click on the image below to display the actual form. Print it at 48% landscape orientation.

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