SCHA Southern California Singles Championship

March 21-22, 1998
Los Caballeros Sports Village, Fountain Valley

John Libby Jr John Libby Jr John Libby Jr 16,17 John Libby Jr 16,16
Paul Rodelo Rex Vilaubi
Rex Vilaubi
Bob Nicholas Bob Nicholas Chris Watkins 13, 14
Marcos Chavez
Boak Ferris Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins

Doug Jordon Doug Jordon Carlos Chavez 13, 8 Carlos Chavez 8, 12
Juan Flores Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez
John Boyer John Boyer Daryl Baltazar (20), 14, 4
Oscar Quesada
bye Daryl Baltazar
Daryl Baltazar

Michael Housman Michael Housman Hector Facio 16, 13 Hector Facio 18, 12
Hector Facio Hector Facio
Sal Duenas
Stephanie Lowe Stephanie Lowe Stephanie Lowe 11, 4
bye Dave Pommerenck
Dave Pommerenck

Dan Brennan Dan Brennan Dan Brennan 10, 4 Marc Penick 6, 3
Rex Melton Boak Ferris
Boak Ferris
Marc Penick Marc Penick Marc Penick (forfeit)
Jeff Phillips
bye Mark Shelgren
Mark Shelgren

Golden Masters
Steve Housman Steve Housman Steve Housman 12, 8 Don Civerolo 20, 18 Val Rubio 20, (17), 4
Bruce Lemmon
Frank Dorrel Frank Dorrel
Dick Villegas
Rick Herrera Rick Herrera Don Civerolo 14, 6
John Libby Sr
John Sanchez Don Civerolo
Don Civerolo
Ruben Ramirez Ruben Ramirez Ruben Ramirez (7), 10, 8 Val Rubio 3, 5
Jared Sloan
Paul Gronseth Bob Peters
Bob Peters
Ira Goldberg Ernie Contreras Val Rubio 18, 11
Ernie Contreras
Paulino Godina Val Rubio
Val Rubio

Golden Masters B
Bruce Lemmon Dick Villegas John Sanchez 13, 8 John Sanchez (15), 7, 7
Dick Villegas
John Libby Sr John Sanchez
John Sanchez
Jared Sloan Paul Gronseth Ira Goldberg 7, (10), 10
Paul Gronseth
Ira Goldberg Ira Goldberg
Paulino Godina

Super Golden Masters
Lew Morales Lew Morales Lew Morales 15, (9), 7 Lew Morales (16), 20, 7
Bob Scarpati Bob Scarpati
Brian McCool
Jack Kelly Jack Kelly Jack Kelly 13, (20), 9
Roy Bower
Doug Hulett Mike Baggetta
Mike Baggetta

Diamond Masters
Ted Hilgenstuhler Ted Hilgenstuhler 14, (19), 1 Milt Joffe
George Harder
Milt Joffe Milt Joffe 16, 5
David Arnold

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