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Qum Silk Carpet   3'8" x 5'8"   $7,500

Traditional Qum design but with the most spectacular and dramatic color combination you will ever see. I've seen very many silk Qums but never another one like this. Collector quality. Always hung on a wall in a private collection since 1980.

Qum carpets are woven in Qum (also spelled Qom), a city of northwest central Iran. Because carpet production did not begin in Qum until the 1930s, Qum doesn't have any traditional designs of its own. Qum weavers prefer to weave the most favorable Persian and Caucasian designs and adjust these designs to their own taste. Qum carpets are woven with all silk, part silk/part wool, and kork (fine wool taken from the belly of sheep). The foundation can be either cotton or silk.

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